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Online Poker in the United States is Alive and Well

It is really unfortunate that when we talk about online poker in the United States, we find it impossible to fall into a discussion about politics and special interests and their influence.  Playing online real money poker US is legal, as tens of thousands of poker players who play every day or almost every day will attest and many legal US poker sites and online poker rooms prove.

Still, although the number of US poker sites could be in the thousands, there are only a handful of us like Intertops poker, the subject of this article.  It doesn’t take any special skill to be a legal online poker site in the United States.  We follow the letter of the law everywhere.

We ask your indulgence because in talking about legal online poker in the United States, we have to get to the nitty-gritty of political issues and sometimes we can sound a bit sarcastic.

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Before We Start

We began operation in 1996.  We have tens of thousands of loyal poker players.  Some play every day, some once a week, some less often.

We recognize that every poker player has his or her main reason for playing and their own amount of available time and money.  We do our best to accommodate everyone!

Intertops Poker: A Proud History

Intertops Poker is a well-known online poker room.  The parent company also runs two online casinos and an independent sportsbook.  You can seamlessly move from one platform to the other.

Intertops Poker runs many tournaments every day.  We have so many tournaments going on at the same time that many of our poker players play exclusively in the tournaments.  As long as you enter a tournament correctly, you can play in as many tournaments as you like at the same time.

Entering a Tournament

At Intertops Poker, we make this part of the process as easy as can be!  Each tournament has an entry fee.  The fee may be as high as $20 or as low as zero dollars.  Yes, we run tournaments that are essentially free to play in.  We call these tournaments free rolls.

Even a tournament with a $20 buy-in fee is an inexpensive way to have a lot of fun playing poker!  The prize money available is commensurate with the buy-in fee so a free roll has a very low prize pool but a $20 tournament also has a relatively small prize pool.

We also run some more lucrative tournaments that cost more to enter.  These are for the most experienced players at Intertops Poker.  Every day we hear from new players that they want to get a lot better at poker and what can we do to help.

We always direct them to the articles and news sections where we have many articles that can help them get better.  By the way, we hear from players through our customer service office that never closes not for rain, snow, high winds, weekends, or holidays!

The next step toward entering a tournament is simply to put in the correct code.  Many of our players do participate in more than one tournament at a time so we need the codes to keep all of their and your playing straight!

Poker Games

Of course, Intertops Poker organizes poker games outside of the framework of tournamants.  Here, again, we run some games with very low blinds nad betting limits and other games with much higher blinds and betting limits.  We always urge every poker player to find the level where the fun exceeds the challenge of winning against live opponents.


Intertops Poker also offers many bonuses.  These begin with the Welcome Bonus for new players.  At the present time, the bonus is 200% of your deposit up to $1000.  We don’t stop there!  We offer bonuses all the time, rakeback, and Gold Coins.

You collect Gold Coins by first collecting FPP or frequent player points.  One of our bets features is that we give FPP for every rake we take from every pot to all the players at that table not just to the players who stayed in the hand until the end!

In Short

To recap this long article in a few words: Intertops is one of the longest-running online poker sites.    

Intertops has games and tournaments for every type of player from true beginners to experienced players.  We also publish many helpful articles about poker every week.

So, for great online poker, we encourage every US poker player to join Intertops.

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