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What Does Intertops Poker Bonus Offer?

In this article, we are going to give you an inside look at how Intertops Poker does everything possible to make your poker playing experience the best one possible. As you probably know, online poker has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years fueled by the amazing win at the World Series of Poker back in 2003 by Chris Moneymaker who turned himself into a poker tiger by playing online poker!

Intertops Poker, online since 1996, has been at the forefront of every new development, innovation, evolution, and transformation in the world of online poker.

Poker Festivals

Live Poker Events

Sweet Tournaments

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We start every new poker player out with a sizable Welcome Bonus – a whopping 200% of your deposit up to $1000. To get the max bonus, deposit, $500 and we’ll 200% that up to a $1000 bonus in your account. You’ll play with $1500 in your account. Be sure to activate the bonus with the Intertops bonus code: 1000ITP

And check back to our bonus page often to see (and use) the latest bonuses on offer. We have many different kinds of bonuses so come on over to Intertops for the best online poker anywhere!

Tutorials and Articles

We can’t change anything about your luck as we will describe fully in the next section. However, we can help you develop the skill to win at poker. We run two distinct sections with tutorials and informative articles about poker. Some articles talk about how poker can help you in other areas of life so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the Intertops Poker home pager and look at the wealth of helpful information we provide for you there.

The Random Number Generator

Most people refer to this software as the RNG. You are playing poker online. The players are all real but there isn’t a dealer as such. The “dealer” is the RNG which alone determines what the next card will be or the nest three cards in the case of the flop.

So, neither you nor we have any say in your luck. Your luck AND skill will keep you consistently winning at Intertops Poker!

Certification, Regulation, and Audits

We mentioned the all-important RNG. Now, we hear you asking the all-important question: “How do I know that the RNG is legitimate and fair?” This is where outside bodies come into play. We are registered, certified, and regulated in Curacao in the Dutch Antilles.

Not a geography buff? Curacao is in the Caribbean!

We welcome the outside bodies that in some ways tell us what to do and how to do it. It is this protocol that keeps you, our poker playing public, confident that everything we do is fair, honest, and legitimate.

We also regularly submit to audits of the RNG and of our banking system. We pass every time with flying colors!


We have many different ways for you to deposit and withdraw funds. Everything you do with Intertops Poker is protected by the most powerful encryption software around.

We all do many financial transactions online. Every one of them is protected by similar encryption software. This is the same encryption software used by all online merchants. Whether you’re buying airline tickets online, clothing, reserving a car or tickets to a concert. Our encryption is as safe as that used by your personal bank account online. So no worries here!

Games and Tournaments

A lot of our players just like to play poker. They aren’t trying to become the next Chris Moneymaker; they just want to enjoy some poker action! We offer low stakes games with pennies for the blinds so that both true new players with little experience playing poker and the kind of players for whom poker is a kind of hobby can play at little financial risk.

New players need to play a lot of hands in order to get the experience they need to confidently enter higher stakes games. Intertops has a great way for you to get in those hands: mobile.

Mobile Poker

Our mobile poker platform has undergone changes as technology has continued to improve. Probably in another couple of years we will refit our mobile platform again to accommodate new innovations! For now, mobile is a great way to play many hands of poker even when you are not at home near your desktop computer.

Mobile is also so easy on the eyes that many poker players play on the mobile platform – phone and tablet – even when they are home!


We also offer you a wide range of tournaments. Some run for one day, some for a week, and some go on longer. Some tournaments have a small buy-in fee while others are free rolls meaning that there is no fee at all to play.

Poker players looking to get in a lot of hands at little cost can play in these tournaments. The prize money is correspondingly low based on the entry fee but that is more than made up for by the tremendous amount of experience you’ll gain playing in them not to mention—okay, we’ll mention—the tremendous amount of fun you’ll have playing in an online poker tournament against players from, who knows, dozens of countries!

Sports Betting and Casino Gaming

Intertops is actually four enterprises under one roof. We have spoken about the poker side of Intertops. We also have a classic online casino and a newer one we call Intertops Casino Red. We have over 300 casino games on offer at the casinos. You can easily move back and forth between the poker room and the casinos.

Finally, we have a sportsbook where you can bet on a huge assortment of sporting events plus some non-sporting events such as political races. Are you ready to place a bet on who the American Democrat Party will nominate to oppose Donald Trump in 2020? When you are ready, we’ll be there to accept your reasoned bet!

Customer Support

You might have a question in the middle of the night. Rather than wait for morning, we urge you to get in touch with our support team right away. You see, the middle of the night in your hemisphere—looking at the globe from east and west— is the middle of the morning in the other hemisphere so our customer support office never closes!  We’re waiting to hear from you:  phone, email or live chat.

Playing Poker is what Americans call the Pursuit of Happiness

We hope you have come to realize that Intertops is a leading online site with so much to offer that you just have to get in on the action today! Register now and get started!

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