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Can Mobile Poker Make Me a Better Poker Player?

Here we are to tell you about the fantastic combination of mobile and Intertops Poker.  A lot of you know that Intertops Poker started out in 1996.  That alone should tell you something.  However, the mobile poker platform is a lot younger.  So we decided to devote an entire article talking about mobile poker generally and Intertops Mobile specifically.

The Bonuses

If you join Intertops Poker, you qualify for a 200% bonus up to $1000.  The Intertops poker mobile bonus is the same but, as we shall soon see, playing poker on your mobile device is quite different in important ways than playing poker on your desktop computer.

This first deposit bonus is just for starters.   We want you to benefit from playing as much from actually playing poker as from filling out the registration form.  So, we have two great ways for you to collect our Intertops mobile poker no deposit bonus.

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How to Collect Frequent Player Points

We call these points FPP for short.  You can see why!  There are two ways to collect FPP.  When you have enough FPP to convert them into money that you can play with, you go through a simple procedure and we add the money to your account in $5 increments.

Now, what are the two ways you can collect FPP?  The first is simple and produces less FPP than the second one.  When you pay a buy-in fee for a poker tournament, the fee is converted into FPP. 

Now, here is the second way you can collect FPP.  It all has to do with the rake which is the small amount we take from every pot after the winner is decided.  You collect FPP for every hand that is played with you “at the table”.  That means that you will always root for opponents to create big pots even if you have already folded your cards.

This is truly a fantastic way to grow your FPP account.  As a fundamentally sound poker player—something that is not a given but is aided by mobile poker—you naturally will decide not to play a very high percentage of hands.  Nevertheless, you get FPP for every hand that others play while you are at the table.

So, your mantra when you play Intertops poker should be , “Go everyone!  Build up that pot!”

Mobile Poker

We have said this in the context of mobile casino gaming and it applies equally well to mobile poker.  The graphics, interface, and overall presentation at our mobile poker platform is simply light years ahead of what it could have been only ten years ago!  Ten years ago, we knew that mobile poker’s time had not yet come.  Now it has!  Big time!

In the past, most casino gamers didn’t think about “taking the casino with them” when they left the house or the office.  For one thing, in the not so distant past, mobile devices didn’t fit into pockets!  But more importantly, mobile wasn’t pleasant enough to play as one’s primary gaming platform.

Today it is for both online casino games and for online poker.  In fact, according to statistics, there are more mobile players these days than PC players.  People on the go, games on the go, fun on the go!

Playing and Practicing

You need to play a lot of hands at poker in order to get your game to the next level.  And, everyone wants to get their game to the next level.  Mobile gives you access to our poker room whenever it is convenient for you to come in.

You can come in and join a game in progress for as long as you have the time.  Mobile poker players, especially, understand that some players will have only a few minutes while others may be curled up comfortably playing poker on their mobile.

When we talk about the relaxing nature of mobile gaming in general we mean that you can play for very low amounts and simply have fun playing.  Poker is not the same, of course.  Every poker hand is a challenge to the players who stay in until the end and is a challenge to every serious poker player who wants to extract a few grains of insight and wisdom from every hand to use later on.

Still, we offer such low stakes games that you can truly see these games as conducive to relaxing and unwinding even though they are challenging!  Some people unwind by playing Sudokuand some people unwind by playing poker on their mobile device for pennies per bet.

Tournaments Everywhere

Intertops Poker offers so many tournaments that you will never run out of challenging ways to compete at low cost.  We say low cost because some of our tournaments have no entry fee at all.  The rest have very modest entry fees.  Truly, anyone can afford to enter a tournament.

Let’s say that you enter a one-day tournament.  We know that you aren’t going to pay for 24 hours!   Of course not!  We know that you will come to the tournament when you can.  Voila, Mobile!  By accessing the tournament through the mobile platform, you get to play a lot more hands than if you had to wait to get home and sit down at the desktop computer.

Some players devote their lunch hour to playing mobile poker.  Especially if you brown bag your lunch, you can play in a game or tournament and munch on your sandwich and apple at the same time!  And, if you want to get some fresh air during lunchtime, by all means….take your game outside with you.

Combining Comfort, Convenience, and Teaching in One Great package

Let’s conclude by repeating the major points we have made in this article.  Mobile affords great comfort because you can play curled up on a soft sofa or chair or in bed.  Mobile poker is amazingly convenient.  It offers the kind of poker playing convenience that desktop playing cannot approach.

Finally, mobile poker at Intertops Poker offers many quick teaching moments.  You can enter a game and never actually make a bet other than the ante or blind.  If you pay close attention to what happens in each hand, we are sure that you will learn a great deal.

Everything considered, mobile poker is a great deal, too!

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