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200% up to $1,000 + 25 Free Casino Spins!

Minimum Deposit $25

What is the Intertops Poker No Deposit Bonus?

Attention all poker players!  Intertops Poker has been around since 1996.  That means that we have a lifetime of experience to share with you!  Intertops Poker accepts players from all over the world, including the United States.  That means that our poker room serves a huge population of poker players.  And our new players are lavishly welcomed.

Intertops Poker starts out by offering new players a great 200% matching deposit bonus up to $1000.  Once you join us at Intertops Poker, you’ll find that we also have a regular casino as well!  Actually, we have two casinos!  One is Intertops Classic Casino and the other is Intertops Casino Red.  And let’s not forget our Intertops Sportsbook.

When you play at Intertops, you have a world of choices.

Malta Poker Festival €500,000 GTD

Get ready for our ‘Malta Poker Festival’ satellites! Use your chance to combine a wonderful trip with thrilling live poker tournament action this November!


Nothing beats a live poker tournament experience, which is why we are once again sending our players to the sunny Caribbean!

The Chocolate Factory

Enjoy a new sweet tournament in our schedule, running Monday to Saturday at 1:15pm Eastern.

LUCKTAP Blackjack Quest!

Hit all of the events listed to complete our LUCKTAP Blackjack Quest and win a $100 bonus from July 22nd-27th

Two No Deposit Bonuses

Intertops Poker players have two ways to get a free money no deposit bonus. The first is when you enter a free roll poker tournament.  Free roll tournaments are a great way to see and play thousands of poker hands at no cost.

We cannot under-estimete the value of playing in free roll tournaments.  Poker professionals say that you need to see thousands—even tens of thousands—of poker hands in order to accumulate the experience and insights you need to be able to play against stronger opponents.  And our free roll tournaments is a great place to get this valuable experience.

Gold Chips

The second way to get a no deposit bonus is to convert Gold Chips.  To get your Gold Chips, you first collect Frequent Player Points which we call FPP. 

There are two ways to acquire FPP.  The first is when you pay a fee to enter a tournament.   This means that you get value for your money when you pay to enter a tournament, above and beyone entry to the tournament.

However, the second way to accumulate FPP is a lot more lucrative than paying to play in tournaments.  This way of accumulating FPP is through the rake.  Intertops takes a small percentage out of each pot.  This is called the rake.  Every player at the table—every player, not just the players who competed for the pot—gets credited for FPP for every dollar we take as our rake.

So, if you play poker well and you sit out a lot of hands, as you should, you will still enjoy your FPP from the rake every pot creates!

Poker Players Enjoy Online Casino Games

We make it easy for you to go from our poker room to either of our two online casinos or sportsbook.  We also offer an Intertops Classic casino no deposit bonus.  This bonus comes to you when you sign up to play at Intertops Classic casino.

Low Stakes and High Stakes and In-between Stakes

Intertops Poker serves a vast public.  Many players love playing in low stakes games which have blinds in the pennies range.  These players fall into two main categories. 

The first is players who love poker and prefer to play rather than incur a lot of risk.  The second is players who look forward to challenging themselves in higher stakes games but know that they need a lot of practice to get to that point.  So, these players play in low stakes games possibly for a couple of years before they feel themselves ready to venture out into higher stakes games.

High Stakes Games

The high stakes games are clearly for players who have the largest bankrolls and the most poker experience.  Actually, few players ever reach this rarified level.  These players are going for the super thrills after taking the time to study and play as much as they need to in order to be able to play with poker pros.

In-Between Games

On the way to high stakes poker, many players get to the in-between level.  The stakes are not too high but the competition is certainly stiffer.  You also learn a lot about poker that you might not be able to learn in low stakes games simply because the stakes in those games are so low that many players can call or raise even with poor hands.

Intertops Poker Tournaments

We offer you many opportunities to play poker either in individual games or in tournaments.  One of our latest tournaments runs every day after lunch and we named it The Chocolate Factory because we wanted to salute our newest friends from Switzerland!

The buy-in for this tournament is only $8 and the prize pool is a guaranteed $500.  Even if you haven’t mastered the concept of pot odds yet, you’ll see that this is a low buy-in for a potentially high win.  Playing in tournaments and low stakes games as a new player will help you learn all of the mathematical concepts that affect your decisions in modern poker.

Join Intertops Poker and see all of the huge selection of tournaments we run!

Learn Poker with Intertops

We run two articles sections here at Intertops Poker that we add to every week.  One is called “Poker Articles” and one is called “News”.   You can learn a lot about every aspect of poker by reading our articles and you can use them also as a steppingstone for further research.

We are always looking for more ideas for great articles so we appreciate any feedback you send us about our poker articles.

In Short

We are pleased to be welcoming you to Intertops Poker!  We have many games and tournaments that you can play at the betting range that best suits your bankroll and experience level.  You’re gonna love it!

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