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Why is Playing Poker at Intertops Poker so Valuable?

We would like to show you that online poker is better than land based poker in many aspects. To help us along, we’d like to introduce ourselves and review one of the most experienced online poker sites: Intertops Poker.

Our Intertops Poker review will cover a lot of ground so hold your hats!

Poker in One Corner and Gaming in Another

Intertops Poker began operation in 1996 which is ancient history in the world of online gaming. We offer both a poker room, regular casino, and sportsbook. When you join one, you also join the others.

And you use your one account across all our “play places”. For that reason, the Welcome Package of bonuses is a bit different between the casinos. However, in order to emphasize the playing overlap between casino and poker room, we add 25 free spins in the casino to your awesome welcome bonus—200% up to $1000—at Intertops Poker.

Poker Festivals

Live Poker Events

Sweet Tournaments

Blackjack Quests

How to Play Poker?

Tutorials and Articles

We can’t change anything about your luck as we will describe fully in the next section. However, we can help you develop the skill to win at poker. We run two distinct sections with tutorials and informative articles about poker. Some articles talk about how poker can help you in other areas of life so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the Intertops Poker home pager and look at the wealth of helpful information we provide for you there.

Games and Tournaments

We offer many games in Texas Hold’em and Omaha. We offer very low stakes games for very new players and we run the stakes up the ladder so high stakes players can find challenging competition whenever they are ready to play.

Intertops Poker has worldwide reach so you can play against players from every continent and hemisphere. We also encourage players to chat with each other during games so you can get to know people from a huge range of backgrounds.

The Great Value of Online Poker

We sincerely believe that online poker has a lot more advantages over land based poker than the opposite. Here are a few of the many advantages you’ll have when you join Intertops Poker and begin playing in our online poker room.

No Travel Costs

We talk about this advantage in reference to casino gaming in general. However, the value of playing at no cost to your travel budget is even more important in poker. You see, many people claim that you can’t really become a good poker player unless you play face to face against live opponents.

Our experience of almost twenty-one years shows that this is not the case at all. Online players can access our poker room whenever they want to play, they can play for as long as they want to or can, and their opponents are all live people even though you can’t see them.

By saving travel costs from your poker budget, you can then take real vacations! You can take us with you wherever you go and play in games or tournaments on our mobile platform. The mobile platform has great graphics thanks to modern software and technology so you’ll feel as if you’re playing at your desktop computer.

Play One Thousand Games

As we said, poker pros tell us that a player needs to play many thousands of games in order to reach a professional level. When you play games at a land based poker room, you probably play when you’re tired or hungry.

These are big no-no’s in any form of gaming from blackjack to poker. When you play at home or on a real vacation, you can always leave the game or tournament if you’re hungry or tired. You might be neither hungry nor tired but you may have surpassed your allotment of time for playing poker.

When you play on land, you can’t really budget your playing time because why would you come to a land based poker room only to stop playing after just one hour?


We offer many tournaments from day-long to week-long. Some tournaments have no buy-in fee at all. These are called free roll tournaments. The total prize money in free roll tournaments is also quite low. That makes free roll tournaments possibly the best learning tool penny for penny.

Most of our tournaments have moderate buy-in fees. The prize money is commensurately higher but since the buy-ins are usually still pretty low, the prize money is modest when you compare your chances of winning between individual games and tournaments.

That means that tournament players are generally out for fun! We do our very best to provide everyone’s idea of poker fun!

Individual Games

As we said, you can play in low stakes games or high stakes games. It is here that you have the chance to win more money than you might win in a tournament. Still, low stakes games have such low blinds that you can play for a very long time and you’ll either win a little or lose a little.

That is the perfect prescription for fun at the online poker room!

Play for Fun and Experience

Our low cost games and tournaments give you the perfect opportunity to play a lot of games with very little risk. The more you play, the more you’ll begin to see the esoteric side of poker. That includes learning poker math, seeing hand ranges, when you might benefit from bluffing, and especially understanding when an opponent is bluffing.

Bluffing is certainly the one area that even the top pros constantly study and think about because even they make bluffing mistakes.

Welcome to Intertops Poker

Let us offer our warmest hello! We look forward to helping you enjoy many years of happy poker playing, here at Intertops Poker.

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